The Cannonball Roarers

Jaclyn Danger and Matthew Lloyd program the Psychotronic Film Series and The Secret Series, in which they bring to life rare cinematic immersive experiences that have never before been seen in Kansas City. Through consciously varied programming they provide opportunities for different demographics to interact, exchange ideas, and discuss visual imagery. Jointly they promote the visibility of queer culture through films that challenge mainstream societal and cinematic expectation as well as provide a platform for traveling film festivals and filmmakers.

From sailboats to haunted drain tunnels, the Cannonball Roarers have showcased memorably strange events in a variety of strangely memorable locations! Collaborating with performers, musicians, dancers and so much more, they strive to change the way our community engages with great cinema.

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Caitlin Horsmon

Caitlin Horsmon is an artist, curator and educator. She has created programming for the Chicago International Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Cellular Cinema, Mechanical Eye Microcinema and was the director of the THAW Film Festival. She is a Co-Director of PLUG Projects and teaches Film & Media Arts at the University of Missouri – Kansas City.

Jori Sackin

Jori Sackin is a tool store owner, card player, cognitive linguist, writer and visual artist. He also likes to play with blocks.

Laura Kozak

Laura Kozak is social worker. She enjoys working with volunteers. If you’re stoked, she’s stoked. Laura apologizes in advance as her moon is in Scorpio.

Wayne S


Danielle Krakenberg

Danielle Krakenberg is a big fan of movies and all things weird, so naturally she’s found a home at Stray Cat Film Center. Part social media manager & part secretary, she’s always down to do any odd job to help the center. She enjoys any film that will rip your heart out (emotionally or physically). Danielle is always ready to crack open a Hamms and talk about her spreadsheet for her record collection.