DKC and Stray Cat Present: Scripts & Scores

DiaKCritical: KC and Stray Cat Film Center want YOU!

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Self, what a great idea! I should do this immediately." but then you think, "Self, I can't do this alone, if only I knew someone who did [XYZ]." Well X-cuse us, Y are we here if not to help connect all Z artists we can in our beautiful city?

We have so many different types of artists here in town, from filmmakers to performers to composers, to animators and other graphic artists, and we can all make new and better art with one another. Join DKC and Stray Cat for a meeting of the minds where we'll get to know each other and talk about what's possible for the output of our community. To register, and for full details, head to the DKC site here:

A special note: You must register in order to attend, this is really just so that we make sure there's enough space for everyone. If we have overflow (and we're going for that) we'll schedule another event.

Saturday, October 19th at 7 PM