Psychotronic Film Series:
Disco Dracula

Yeah Daddy-O are you ready to boogie back from the grave! In preparation for our big "Disco Blood: Halloween All Night Baby" on 10/25, party Stray Cat is celebrating the resurgence of the Count on the dance floor with the Oh so good and Oh so bad. Like watching a car wreck you can't tear your eyes away from the screen this film is really only an excuse to feature exotic belly dancers turned big screen actress. Watch as Dracula struggles to understand modern pop culture as a down on it's funds turns the castle into a crappy disco where renegade granddaughter get's her boogie on.

Geriatric Dracula owes taxes, so he turns his castle into Hotel Transylvania. His granddaughter Nocturna, books a disco band, learns that she loves dancing and can turn mortal whenever she dances and moves to NY to get a life and find love.

Disco Blood: Halloween All Night Baby-

Thursday, Sept 10th at 8:30 PM