Hard To Be A God
Presented by
The Discreet Charm Film Series

Like the bastard film-child of Lynch and Tarkovsky, Hard To Be A God thrusts the audience into a squalid medieval world of black and white and mud. Using a fouth-wall-crumbling and claustrophobic point-of-view, the film follows a scientist as he struggles to maintain his sanity while protecting the budding intelligentsia of an uncanny planet that resembles our own stuck in a perpetual dark age. A surreal walk through a Hieronymous Bosch world of grotesque pandemonium in dramatic chiaroscuro, Hard To Be A God is a brilliant and insane spectacle worth every minute of its viewing.

Jacob O'Neal will tell you what makes this film so compelling and unique in the first installment of his Discreet Charm film series.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 8 PM